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While perusing Drowned In Sound's website I saw a quote from an article written by Stuart Braithwaite, guitar player for post rock gods Mogwai. The blurb read, "It wasn’t meant to end up like this." Intrigued by the cryptic nature of the quote (had I not heard that they were breaking up?) i clicked the link and settled in for heartbreak. Instead, I got a bitchy little rant about the fact that apparently none of us can decide what we like to listen to for ourselves. Apparently all we do is blindly lap up whatever Pitchforkmedia.com tells us to enjoy.

I tried to see where he was coming from, but I just can't. Of course we utilize online sources to discover new music, but how many of us just look at the rating the album is given and say, "Okay, I like them because they got an 8 out of 10." I use Pitchfork (and many, many other sites) to find out about new bands, and from there I investigate the band if anything in the review interested me (not just the rating).

This whole rant seemed to be a passive aggressive way to bitch about Pitchfork being unfriendly toward Mogwai, especially considering the fact that he chose a site that is painfully similar to Pitchfork to air his grievances against the sheeple we apparently are. So, I looked into this, and funnily enough, Pitchfork gave the most recent offering from Mogwai, The Hawk Is Howling, a 4.5 out of 10. Now, I wholeheartedly disagree with the rating, but bitching about a site that does the exact same thing the site your are posting your wank on simply because they thought your last album was mediocre at best is just pathetic. For shame, Stuart.

P.S. - Even though he's being bitchy, you should still listen to Mogwai if you never have. I suggest Come On Die Young or Happy Songs For Happy People.