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Found this story on a friends journal and had to share it with my limited LJ circle. Apparently black kids can't swim with white kids in Pennsylvania. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but they probably won't be.

RIP Michael

Well, Michael Jackson's funeral and memorial are today, and I am just as sad today (if not a little sadder) than the day he died. It's really a shame that it took Michael dying for me to remember how much I loved him. I hope wherever he is he's finally happy. Thanks for everything, Michael.

Here's my favorite MJ tune. Enjoy.

Our Ongoing Apartment Struggles Go On

Our apartment complex sucks. The neighbors are loud and obnoxious, the old man downstairs is deaf and angry at his grandson ALL the time, there have been two shootings (within a day of each other, which was a lot of fun), and now our shitty air conditioner has stopped working. To add insult to injury, it stopped working after we got back from Wal-Mart where we were purchasing a fan to try and cut down on how much we had to run the AC during the Summer. Turns out we don't have to run it at all, because all it does is blow air around. Not hot air, not cold air, just air. It was 90 degrees in our apartment last night, which meant we had to leave our apartment and stay with eggsnail's parents. Thank God I like my inlaws more than I like my own parents.

There is no moral or message to this story. I simply wanted to share.

Last thing, then off for the night.

This is both creepy and hilarious.

Found this via a friend on Facebook. #4 is the funniest, #2 is the creepiest. Enjoy.

People, man. WTF?

So, my wife has been telling me for a while that I am oblivious to the fact that chicks flirt with me. I thought she was just being cute and jealous, but tonight at work I was lucky enough to actually see one of these conniving young females in action against a friend of mine before she turned it on me. Now, to clarify, this girl was flirting with anything with a cock attached to it, but watching her has helped me see what eggsnail was saying about certain people in my life and their actions toward me.

This young woman (she's 18, almost 19 teehee) was so shamelessly playing the part of the innocent little girl with just enough of a naughty side to get your heart a thumpin' that it was almost comical. At one point she even did the whole, "I'm not friends with any girls, I'm just like one of the guys," bit. Now, usually I would have seen this as a young woman who was innocent and a little naive that was trying to be nice, and make friends. However, this chick bounced from guy to guy so fast it was almost dizzying, and she was laying it on thick. So, by the time she got to me, I was actually aware (for the first time) that this girl wanted me to fall in to her little game and flirt back with her, even if I was doing it unintentionally. So, having finally seen what my wonderful wife was talking about, and realizing what this silly little girl was doing, I didn't even play along. Yay me.

However, this did get me thinking. Why exactly does this girl feel she needs to do this? What kind of man (one of the guys she was flirting with that was almost literally eating out of her hand is 12 years older than she is) actually falls for this crap and finds it enticing? I would inadvertently flirt with girls like this because I wasn't really paying attention, but the guys I watched at work were falling all over themselves to get her to pay attention to them. It was like Animal Planet. Shame on her for degrading herself like that, but shame on all of them for being that stupid and horny.

Anyway, I don't know how it's possible, but every now and then I am still amazed by people. Understanding things from a personal level, when one is actually looking at people and how they act and not just talking about it, can really change the way you look at shit. People (not all, but a lot) are ridiculous. Grow the fuck up, put your dick in your pants (or your tits back in your shirt) and be a person of substance. Get to know someone because they interest you, not because you want to fuck them. Think with something other than a reproductive organ just once. Who knows, you might find something fulfilling instead of a one night stand (at best), or a doomed relationship in which one or both cheat on the other and end up hating each other and doing insane shit to get back at one another (at worst). You might meet someone you could spend the rest of your life with or *GASP* someone of the opposite sex that could actually be a friend (and not just an object to lust over while you pretend to give a fuck about what they say and do).

Okay, rant over.

My name! It has changed!

I changed my LJ name, so to all of those who knew and loved nietzsche1984 (or just knew me), I am now thinwhiteduke. Bowie > God.

Holy Shit, I'm Back!

I doubt anyone I am friends with here will notice this since it has been many, many months since I have updated my journal, but I'M BACK, BABY!

You have been warned.

The Pledge of Allegiance Lie

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WON"T SAY THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE! Well, I mean except, of course, for those times when he does. Whatever.

Ooops. I guess the truth is more fun then the lie, but the truth does always taste better.
Here's a list of a few community organizers from history. I know you probably won't know them because they had no responsibilities, but who knows. Maybe there's one in there that did something worthwhile.

1) Thomas Jefferson
2) Susan B Anthony
3) Mother Teresa
4) Dr Martin Luther King Jr
5) Gandhi
6) Jesus
7) Harriet Tubman
8) George Washington
9) Cesar Chavez
10) Benjamin Franklin
11) Zainab Salbi
12) William Wilberforce
13) Wilma Mankiller
14) Tecumseh
15) Sojourner Truth
16) Stephen Lewis
17) Sitting Bull
18) Saul Alinsky
19) Samuel Adams
20) Romeo Dallaire
21) Nelson Mandela
22) Martin Luther
23) John Lennon
24) Joe Hill
25) Fr James Groppi
26) Jane Addams
27) John Adams
28) Harvey Milk
29) Harriet Beecher Stowe
30) Geronimo
31) Frances Perkins
32) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
33) David Suzuki
34) His Holiness the Dalai Lama
35) HRH Diana, Princess of Wales
36) Delores Huerta
37) Dorothy Day
38) Dennis Banks
39) Aung San Suu Kyi
40) Alice Paul